The Salt War (1540). Pope Paul III and the Conquest of Perugia

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February 15: Book Presentation at the Ranieri Foundation in Perugia


The Salt War (1540). Pope Paul III and the Conquest of Perugia by Alessandro Monti

La guerra del sale (1540). Paolo III e la sottomissione di Perugia, di Alessandro Monti

The rebellion in 1540 and the ensuing “Salt War” are a key moment in the history of Perugia – with the city being definitively subjugated by the Pope – and yet its causes and how exactly it took place are not completely known. The levying of a new tax, the loss of communal freedoms, the creation of new oligarchies, and the growing conflict between the papacy of Paul III and the empire of Charles V are only some of the issues that were intertwined in the historical events happening in Perugia at the start of the 1540s. By comparing the stories of old chronicles with documents from that period, brought to light through extensive research done in Italian and European archives, the author provides a lively and captivating summary of the events of those days.

Rocca Paolina - Fortress

View of the Rocca Paolina (Pauline Fortress), constructed as a result of the Salt War of 1540.