Italian Innovators Project

The YouTube show Italian Innovators hosted by Luca Cottini dedicated two episodes to Uguccione Sorbello and Romeyne Robert.

Italian Innovators explores the Italian way to innovation through presentations, interviews, and lessons.


On May 1st and June 1st 2022, Luca Cottini presented the story of the cultural entrepreneur Uguccione Ranieri di Sorbello and his mother Romeyne Robert, pioneer of female entrepreneurship and early promoter of the Montessori educational method in Italy. We invite you to watch the two episodes dedicated to them by the host of the show ItalianInnovators at and

Their story continues today in the legacy of the foundation established in their name by Uguccione’s wife Marilena de Vecchi and his son Ruggero. A few decades after Uguccione’s death in 1969, they reconfigured the space of the family palace in Perugia, eventually transforming it into a house museum and an educational space. The transatlantic story of the Sorbello family finds expression today in the foundation’s commitment and mission to foster ties between Italian and American cultures, through lectures, research grants, and interdisciplinary projects. As for its founders, the Sorbello Foundation (in New York City) and its Italian counterpart Fondazione Ranieri di Sorbello (in Perugia) still operate as a bridge-building institution, connecting Italy and the United States but also, in the footsteps of Romeyne and Uguccione’s example, arts, education, and industry.